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Temporary Rifle Import/Export

The importation of your hunting rifles into South Africa is not complicated or difficult at all.

All you need to do is to send us your paperwork and we will complete the application on your behalf



Quick, Easy and Hassle Free! Rifle Permits is dedicated to ethical hunting practices, and we work closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to deliver permits for your rifles before you arrive in South Africa.

Please visit www.riflepermits.com


Very important information on Firearms, Ammunition allowances and Specifications:

  • Only one firearm per calibre is allowed per person 

  • Ammunition is to be packed in a separate container, which has to be locked and marked with details.

  • In total 11 pounds, not more than 200 rounds, is allowed per hunter. 40-60 rounds per rifle is sufficient.

  • No person under the age of 21 may bring a firearm in their own name

  • Prohibited firearms, which may NOT be imported into South Africa includes: 
Semi or fully automatic weapon, Handguns for self-defense, weapons which fall under military categories
  • Minimum caliber for buffalo, lion, rhino and elephant is .375
  • Shotgun shells for bird hunting can be bought in South Africa.

At Elandsbosch the vegetation is very bushy and shots are generally in the region of 150 yards (70-100 meters). We recommend all calibers bigger than a 30.06 with at least 180 grain soft nose bullets. You and your professional Hunter will have the use of a reliable vehicle, and once your trophy is bagged and you have had the opportunity to take photographs, it will be transported to the skinning shed, where our skinners will prepare the cape for mounting, according to your instructions. You will be able to continue the hunt for your next trophy, accompanied by your Professional Hunter. At the end of your hunt, we will take you on your request to meet the TAXIDERMIST who will handle your trophies. You can instruct them to either mount them and ship them to you, or you can have them treated and shipped back to your home country to be mounted.